What is EMT4U Elite Team?

EMT4U Elite Team is a leading eMarketing Tools 4 U team build. It was in the making for 31 days from July 01, 2023 to July 31, 2023 and officially launch on August 01, 2023. The purpose of the team is to work collectively together as one with a goal Success for everyone. It developed it's own sophisticated, fully automated, anti cheat and dependable system using a single sophisticated and fully automated rotator.

How much it cost to join EMT4U Elite Team?

You don't need to pay anything to become a member to our team. Our team admin will not charge you to become a team member. All you need to do is join eMarketing Tools 4 U (EMT4U) as upgraded member, (Pro or Basic) doesn't matter as long as you are a paid eMarketing Tools 4 U member from our Sophisticated Rotator.​ 

Can I join EMT4U Elite Team using my existing eMarketing Tools 4 U account from other team?

Unfortunately No, you must register new eMarketing Tools 4 U account from our Sophisticated Rotator and upgrade to EMT4 Pro or EMT4U Basic. Our system will not allow Free eMarketings Tools 4 U account. Your EMT4U username is all you need to register to our team.

How to register to EMT4U Elite Team website?

You just need your EMT4U username to register to our team website to access our marketing tools. However, you need to join eMarketing Tools 4 U under our valued team member from our Sophisticated Rotator. Our system will automatically identify your username upon team registration if you joined under our team member. You will not be accepted if you use your existing username from other team.

Do I have a link to promote for the team?

Yes. Every team members will have a unique Team Link to promote to increase rotator share percentage. The more you promote the more you increase your rotator share percentage and the sooner you will get your unlimited EMT4U paid referrals. Our AI system will automatically recalculate our members last 7 days total hits against the overall hits across all team member's team links to get the rotator share percentage. 

Can I monitor my unique hits count in real time?

Yes, you can login to your EMT4U Elite Team website to find out your real time unique hits count in your members area dashboard and our "Top Promoters" page. You can also check on your Team Link itself, real time hits account are also shown in your Team Link page.

Can I advertise my team link anywhere including PPV, PPC and AutoSurf platform?

Our system will not consider views from PPV, PPC and AutoSurf platform as unique views and therefore it's not counted toward your unique views. We are monitoring the sources of our team members team link and set either Approved or Restricted source. Views from restricted source are not legit and considered garbage views. So, please avoid those 3 sources category as it will be set to "Banned sources" list upon our review. 

How do I know if the traffic source platform is Approved or Banned?

You will find them in the list called Approved Sources and Banned Sources under Promote menu in the navigation tab from your EMT4U Elite Team members area.

Is there any recommended traffic sources?

Yes, we have a list of top traffic exchanges under Promote in the navigation menu called Recommended Sources.

How the Sophisticated Rotator works?

Our Sophisticated Rotator will randomly rotate to all members on Active status in every rotator views.​

I don't have time to advertise my Team Link, what is my option?

If you don't have time to surf in any traffic exchanges to get credit for your team link views or read and click emails from safelist mailer. You may purchase credits from top and reliable traffic sources. But make sure they are categorized as Approved Sources.

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